… I mean music! Welcome to my second entry. I’m sorry it’s been so long, looks like one of my new year’s resolution has gone done the drain *woeful look*. Oh! but today is Tahun Baru Hijrah! That means I can make new resolutions! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who left comments in the last entry. I forgot that I had to approve comments, so that’s why it’s only now that your comments have appeared! I’ll reply to your comments soon. To the others – Don’t be shy… come, come we want to know about you!

Dayana asked me how i made a southpark character of myself. For those interested here’s the link. After you are satisfied with your character, this is how i save mine. I press the ‘print screen’ button on my computer (should be at the top right hand corner for yours – it might also be ‘PrtSc’) and then I open Microssoft word to a blank page, left click, and press ‘paste’). You can google ‘own southpark character’ and there will be many more websites.

For the new month we have started the topic music. Why is it important to study music? Because in our digitilized age and time, music is easily available and it is EVERYWHERE! from the mp3s in your itunes to mtv to buying kfc to the movies to your car to the dentist to you name it! So surely, since music is so prevalent in our society, it has an affect on us in one way or another. People are saying the video clips you see in MTV and the lyrics of a song may influence how you feel. So maybe when a song says ‘you shoudn’t care what other things about you homey yo’ over and over, these lyrics might appeal to you and you say ‘oh yeah. peduli apa what other people think about me! I am who i am.. yo!’

So see what I mean?

I’ve read most of your analysis of songs! Excellent.

So homeys, peace out!

Ms Ewana