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So we are going to start a new topic ‘Culture’

How would you define culture? and what is the difference between culture and tradition? (are they any differences in fact?!)

Below are some traditions in a culture that you might find strange

The Sati Culture in India

Sati is an ancient culture that existed amongst the Hindus in India, where a woman would burn herself on her dead husband’s funeral fire. It was considered an honorable act and the widow was believed to enter straight into heaven, as a reward for her sacrifice. She became a goddess and statues were built in her honor.

The act was banned by the British Government, but in the late 1980s, an instance was reported. Another case was also reported in 2002.

Chinese Foot Binding

This was an ancient and extremely painful tradition practiced by the Chinese. An estimated 5 billion Chinese women were subjected to excruciating pain in a bid to make their feet look elegant.

From as little as the age of four, a young girl would have her feet bound tightly with bandages by elderly women. These bandages were kept on, but were changed regularly and increasingly tightened. The general aim of foot binding was to keep the foot at a desired size of 3-4 inches.

After years of agonizing pain, toe deformation and tight bandages, the girl would end up with a pair of tiny, folded feet.

Masai Spitting

This isn’t just regular spitting we are talking about. The Masai tribe (an ethnic African group found in Kenya and Tanzania) have an unusual way of greeting friends: they spit on one another. Furthermore, when a new child is born, the Masai men will spit on it and say it is bad – believing that if they praise the child they will curse it to a bad life. When greeting elders, a Masai warrior will spit in his hand before offering it to be shaken – as a sign of respect. Masai tribesmen are well known through the media because of their practice of elongating their earlobes.

Do you think there are any traditions we have that might be deemed strange or weird by those who are not familiar with our culture? leave your comments below! 😀