You may be wondering ‘what’s so great about blogging?’

Here are some reasons I have thought of:

  • To be intune with the demands of technology
  • To provide extra reading practice for you
  • As a place to share the work you have done in class. So that you do not feel that you are just writing for me, but it is also for your friends, other teachers and earthlings who read this blog!
  • From time to time, I will be giving you links to other websites/online resources – this will help you in your research for essays or projects
  • To increase the participations of our more shy friends 🙂 you may be shy to talk in class, but here in our blog there is no room for that!
  • To stimulate out of class discussions.
  • To help build a closer relationship between students of the same class and my other GP class
  • Most of you spend hours in front of the computer! So I’m sure you’ll find a few minutes to spare for our blog!

10 Responses to “About”

  1. sephy Says:

    cher great work cher!! its fun to blog w d teach n other students.. hehe

  2. Nip Says:

    true true. i hate to admit because that would make me and spehy to be on the same side, and yea!! its a cool site. hopefully there are more to come in the near future!! ^^

  3. BangBu Says:

    we should be doing a discursive or argumentative essay on blogging: is it a good thing or a bad thing?

  4. ms ewana Says:

    Bangbu – good idea. why don’t you suggest it in class 😀

  5. bumblebee Says:

    Assalamualaikum tcha n dear fellow studentz!gud munin, gud aftanoon, gud evenin.wassalam:) 1st one to comment! ya ta kang..hahah.oops! r we allowed to giv comments in malay?hehe

  6. bibomedia Says:


  7. Jasmin3 Says:

    Oh my, teacher.. I didnt know you have a blog here.. XD Linking you over to mine..

  8. ms ewana Says:

    hi jasmine!!

    obviously, you’ve been looking at your notes! and noticing the footnotes. hee hee so yay you!

  9. amy foo Says:

    Wowwww..Ada blog lagi.. [cn use malay kah?Lol]…. GP is SO COOLLL 😛

  10. miss ewana Says:

    HELLO AMY!!!

    (see i replied :p)

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